Choosing the Right Detergent for your Baby’s Clothes

Your laundry area can be the most dangerous places in your home. Despite the fact that laundry detergents can effectively clean our clothes, they contain toxic ingredients that can be harmful to you and your family. Most laundry detergents sold in the market today contains chemical ingredients that may harm your kids and the environment. It contains substances that can be hazardous to our aquatic resources and trees as they find their way to the water supply through our drainage. It’s obvious that most of us rely on cleaners that contain extremely hazardous contents, and we normally overlooked the importance of using organic products.

Some of these hazardous chemical ingredients are EDTA or ethylene-diamino-tetra-acetate, Linear alkyl sodium sulfonates or LAS, Sodium hypochrolite or the household bleach, Phenols, Optical brighteners, Phosphates, Petroleum distillates or napthas and others. These ingredients are toxic chemicals that you can normally find in high concentrations in these laundry detergents.

Phosphates are used to make detergents more effective by preventing dirt from settling back onto clothes. However, this type of chemical is one of the most harmful pollutants in the environment. When phosphates release, it stimulates the growth of certain marine plants which imbalances the marine ecosystem. Furthermore, it is also known to have toxic effects on fishes and trees.

Another chemical ingredient that is also known to be hazardous to human and environment is the sodium hypochrolite or the household bleach. This type of chemical is highly toxic as it produces carcinogenic and toxic compounds when it reacts with the environment. This reaction can cause endocrine, reproductive and immune system disorders. It can cause allergic reaction to most infants and toddlers too. Sodium hypochrolite has a very strong cleaning ingredient that can also trigger allergies or even eczema to your baby’s sensitive skin. Mothers who are normally exposed to cleaners and detergents that contain sodium hypochrolite have also increases the risk of cancer and other serious illnesses.

Furthermore, these harmful ingredients on detergents make the hands go dry. It started with small skin irritation to sever skin problem. The upper layer of the skin gets damaged by these harmful chemicals used in detergents. Studies have shown that continuous use of detergents containing harmful chemicals can cause neurological problems, poisoning and even cancer. To avoid all these problems, you can use eco friendly laundry detergents. There are several manufacturers in the market that produces this type of products.

As a mother, you should always think of the best and the safest products to your children. Start using organic laundry detergent for your baby’s clothes. These organic baby products are available in the market and proven to be safe to your baby apart from being effective in washing tough stains. The organic detergents do not make use of artificial optical brighteners. Therefore, these natural products don't contain phosphates and petroleum based agents hence they are mild on the skin.

Using organic baby detergents would help you clean your baby’s clothes without worrying about the harmful chemicals that may harm your baby’s health and the environment.

By Samantha Carter Smith
Title: Choosing the Right Detergent for your Baby’s Clothes
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Written By Rian Subandriyo