The Reason Why People Take and Do Not Take Wicker Laundry Hamper

Are you still confused to find the proper place to store your dirty clothes? Maybe you still think to choose between plastic laundry hamper and wicker laundry hamper. If choosing the right laundry hamper is your problem now, you come to the right place because I will share to you about the pros and cons in choosing both from wicker and plastic laundry hamper. I hope with reading this article, you can choose which one from those laundry hamper type suitable for your need. It is because I cannot suggest you to take one of those laundry hamper type, you are who need to decide it after you know about the pros and cons in using both of them.

The Pros in Choosing the Plastic and Wicker Laundry Hamper
Okay I think it is enough to chitchat and we can proceed to the first topic, which we will discuss. The first topic, which I want to share to you, is about the pros of choosing between wicker laundry hamper and plastic laundry hamper.  The pros of using the plastic laundry hamper are:
  • Cheaper cost than other laundry hampers type: If you only need to have the place to store your dirty clothes, I think with using the plastic laundry hamper is enough. Looking from the price of this thing is also worth enough to buy because it is not too expensive to purchase.
  • Provide very great durability: If you need to have durable laundry hamper, laundry hamper made by plastic is able to give the durability, which you will not need to buy the new one for longer time.
  • Water resists: Beside provide durability, laundry hamper made from plastic also will give water resistance for the entire dirty clothes, which you store, in that place.
As I have said to you before, after we know about the pros of the plastic laundry hamper, we will continue to talk about the pros of using the wicker laundry hamper. The pros that you will gain are:
  • Having great appearance: Beside it has function to store dirty clothes, the wicker laundry hamper also able to provide great ornament in your room. It is because the wickers, which available in the laundry hamper look amazing especially if it makes from rattan.
  • Lighter than others, laundry hampers: Most laundry hamper, which use wicker, will have lighter weight than others will. If you do not like to use the heavier laundry hamper, maybe you can take this one with you.
  • Easy and fit to place in any location in our house: Actually, this pro of the laundry hamper which use wicker design is the result of the first pros. You can put this thing in anywhere you like because it has great appearance which will not make your room look terrible with having laundry hamper in that location. Nobody will notice it is the laundry hampers until open it. 
The Cons in Choosing Plastic and Wicker Laundry Hamper
Even both of plastic and wicker laundry hamper have equal pros, but you will see the result with looking at the cons that those things have. Well, we will start to search the cons of plastic laundry hamper first. The cons that have by plastic laundry hamper are:
  • The appearance is not good at all: Yes, the first con of the plastic laundry hamper is about the appearance. You will need to think carefully to put this thing. It is because if you do not prepare proper place, it will ruin your room appearance.
  • Heavy enough to move: Plastic material is durable enough but it also provides heavier weight than other material. Because of that, for you whom cannot lift heavy object need to consider first before you choose this laundry hamper type.
  • Dangerous place to store wet dirty clothes: Yes, it is sure if the plastic material is very resistance to water, but it also will make the water inside of the laundry hamper made from plastic cannot flow out. It will make your entire dirty clothes will cover with mold.
I know that you have very excited to know about the cons of the wicker laundry hamper too after you have understood about the cons in choosing the laundry hamper made by plastic. Because of that, I will directly show you the cons of the laundry hamper with using wicker design are:
  • It is hard to clean if get dirt: You will find difficulty when you want to clean the laundry hamper, which use wicker design. It is because mostly, dirt will available in the wicker.
  • Have possibility to torn our dirty clothes: Because of the wicker design, sometime we will find our dirty clothes get wreck. The wicker can tear our clothes or even make our clothes lose the button.
Those are the entire information that I want to share with you, I hope that you can decide to choose one of those laundry hamper choice after you know about the pros and cons from both of plastic and wicker laundry hamper.
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by : Rian
Title: The Reason Why People Take and Do Not Take Wicker Laundry Hamper
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