How to Save More Time on Your Dirty Laundry

Tired of doing dirty laundry chore? Don't you just want to get it done as soon as you can?
Well, the good thing nowadays is you have a good helper in the form of a washing machine. However, you still need to arrange the clothes, pour in the detergent and spend a bit of your tending to your clothes. So if you want to save more time when it comes to washing your clothes, these tips would definitely come in handy.

Wash your clothes by batches
Instead of spreading your laundry washers over the week, it's better to fix a particular day of the week to do the clothes washing. Try to choose a day where you feel least tired. Usually Saturday or Sunday works for me because there's no work involved.

Choose a large washer
If you want to designate a single day just to carry out your dirty laundry washing, my advice is for you to buy a large capacity washer. You should also consider the size of your household and space that you have when it comes to buying the right sized washer.

Do other tasks when the washer is at work
Find other activities that can complement your clothes washer. Pick things like gardening, ironing or even little tasks that can be tucked between the times for washing. You'll find that spending your time this way is more optimal than just waiting for the washer to complete its cycle.

Outsource the laundry service
There are times when you may want to consider outsourcing your laundry activities. For example, I always choose to drop all my dirty laundry at a nearby sundry store after a long vacation (with all the dirty clothes). It saves me lots of trouble sorting, ironing and washing the clothes. Consider the amount of clothes for it to wash, dry and iron, it's a no-brain when it comes to saving a huge chunk of your time.

By Zach Smith
Title: How to Save More Time on Your Dirty Laundry
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Written By Rian Subandriyo