Energy Saving Method For Drying the Laundry

Drying laundry consumes lot of electricity and plays a considerable role in increasing your electricity bill. One cheaper and better alternative for drying your laundry is utilizing the solar energy. Many people are taking interest in installing the clothesline in the yard or on the roof this saves considerable money on electricity bills and keeps your clothes dry.

Studies show that electric dryers increase the costs of electricity by 10 percent. After refrigerators, electric dryers are the second most energy consuming home appliance. In America a normal family can save up to $100 on electricity if they stop using electric dryers. By using solar energy you will not only cut the costs of electricity but you are also contributing towards better environment as generating electricity from solar energy for drying laundry does not produce any pollution.

In olden days drying the laundry was a time consuming task, people use to hangout the laundry in the open breeze and under the sunlight but now there are several options are available which can dry your laundry instantly. Drying clothes in this manner is also healthy for you as it gives you some physical activity like lifting the basket and bending and stretching to spread your clothes on the clothes line. This gives exercise to your muscles and to your body and helps you in staying fit.

But as most of the people are living in apartments and flats drying clothes on the clothes line under the sun is not possible. Due to which people need to rely on the electrical appliances for drying their laundry which increases their electricity costs in substantial amounts. If you have the possibility of drying the clothes under the sun you must take the advantage of it and utilize the natural energy. This way you can contribute toward the betterment of environment while saving the money.

By Michelle Nisa
Title: Energy Saving Method For Drying the Laundry
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Written By Rian Subandriyo