The Most Affordable And Green Laundry Detergent (3)

Very quickly it becomes apparent that soap nuts are VERY inexpensive compared to most detergents. (Notice that I chose a nice random cross sampling of very common to some more esoteric brands, too.) Used properly soap nuts can significantly reduce our laundry costs. PLUS this does not even factor in that you have virtually no need for fabric softeners or dryer sheets when using soap nuts.

It is also noteworthy to mention that all these products being compared to soap nuts are around (give or take some) that same 32-ounce weight range I mentioned earlier that is popular with soap nut users. Most stores (aside from warehouse type stores) don't seem to carry much in larger sizes than that. I can only assume that the convenient size, weight and price points for detergents in this weight range have been determined to be the most common sellers by most retailers. It is the difference in the number of loads per ounce between soap nuts and commercial detergents that is absolutely astounding.

Regardless, the gist of this article boils down to the COST PER LOAD of using soap nuts compared to commercial detergents. Soap nuts are NOT expensive. They are a much more affordable means to do our laundry - and it certainly does not get any greener. As shown above even a very small bag of soap nuts (8 ounces for $12.75) is much less per load than any of these commercial brands - and again that is being VERY conservative in every aspect. They are less than half the cost per load compared to one of Tide's flagship detergents.

I gave a single mother, good friend of mine with three children a bag of soap nuts for the holidays. She has been working hard to make ends meet. Since that time she has raved about how wonderfully they worked, how her laundry never smelled so clean and soft, how her washing machine no longer smelled like mold and mildew. She had difficulty describing the scent, because there is no scent. How does one simply describe the scent of pure and clean? Think about it.

She didn't stop with laundry. She hasn't stopped experimenting, and I last heard that the liquid she made cleaned her coffee maker better than even CLR did. (Yuk. I'm sure she would have cleaned out the CLR very well. She's a smart lady.) Amazing. She tells me her coffee maker works and looks like new again.

Soap nuts are not only growing in consumer awareness when GREEN is "in". It is growing in awareness at a time when we all can use conserving a little more of the green in our pockets. The green movement is only going to continue to grow. Both business and government has recognized the need for change (for different reasons of course). Our children WILL live in a much greener, safer and more efficient world than we have known and grew up in. No time could be better than now to discover all the wonders that soap nuts offer us. Better laundry products are only the beginning.

By Christopher Sicurella
Title: The Most Affordable And Green Laundry Detergent (3)
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Written By Rian Subandriyo